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Who says that your home has to remain the way you bought it forever? Who says that the walls and rooms you purchased are the only aspects to your home that you can ever enjoy? We at Emerald Designs say that you can always add more to the home of your dreams, so long as you have the perfect team to help you do it!

Home additions are a great opportunity to extend your living space, increase the property value of your home, and increase your overall comfort within your home daily. Home additions can expand your living space into a more comfortable fit for your expanding lifestyle. As seasons pass, families grow and so do the needs of a home. A home addition can allow you to increase the functionality of your home, without the need to sell the home and move completely. 


  • What Does Adding A Home Addition Entail?  


When you reach out to our expert designer and builder at Emerald Designs, you are reaching out to an experienced and trusted professional who knows what it takes to design and create the perfect home addition for your needs. Options for home additions include but are not limited to:

  • Adding a second story to your home. 

 We can work with you to design and build an entire new floor to your house. Building ‘up’ is a great way to drastically expand the size and comfort of your home without impeding on your lawn space in any way. We can help you add an entirely new second story, or simply add room space above your garage or other extensions. The options for building up are always exciting and only limited by your imagination!

  • Adding a room extension. 

  If building ‘up’ is not what you want, we can also help you build ‘out’. We can work with you to design and build an expansion room addition that will increase the size of your home on the ground level. We can add additional bedrooms, living spaces, bathrooms, you name it! 


  • Why Choose Emerald Designs? 


By choosing Emerald Designs, you are choosing a designer and a builder all in one. You can rest assured that the person you speak to who helps you design and plan your project, is also the person who will be overseeing and helping to build your home addition. This means that you will get intimate knowledge of the process, and a deeper connection to what is going on with your home addition from beginning to end. 

We work closely with each and every one of our clients to provide them with the luxury home additions of their dreams. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate. Your dream home addition is closer than you think!

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