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An undeveloped basement is little more than a missed opportunity when it comes to maximizing the potential for your home. Often unrenovated basements are nothing but wet and musty underground storage facilities that end up long forgotten and very rarely visited. That is why renovating and furnishing your basement can be the best move you ever make for your home!

A full basement renovation can take your dusty and drab basement and convert it into an entirely new room addition to your home. You can create a new bedroom, an in-home theatre, a new living space, a guest apartment, the options are endless! 

We at Emerald Designs are committed to offering the people of our community the perfect opportunity to design and renovate their basement into something completely new for them to enjoy. With our expertise, we can help you take your vision and turn it into a reality with your basement space, in no time at all! 


  • What Does Basement Renovation Include? 


When it comes to the renovation of your basement, the options are really only limited by your imagination and available space. At Emerald Designs,we have experience working with clients of all walks of life to help them achieve their dream basement renovation. That means that we can work closely with you to help understand your future plans for your basement, and how you can achieve that dream in the best way possible. 

We will help you design and build custom fixtures, bars, counter space, home theatre spaces, you name it and we can do it for you! The entire process of renovating your basement can all go through us; no more dealing with the headache of multiple teams trying to work around each other on your project! 


  • Why Choose Emerald Designs? 


By choosing Emerald Designs, you are choosing a designer and a builder all in one. You can rest assured that the person you speak to who helps you design and plan your project, is also the person who will be overseeing and helping to build your basement renovation. This means that you will get intimate knowledge of the process, and a deeper connection to what is going on with your basement renovation from beginning to end. 

We work closely with each and every one of our clients to provide them with the luxury basement renovation of their dreams. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate. Your dream basement is closer than you think!

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